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About Us

DV8 ENTERTAINMENT is a booking platform for DJs throughout the Nelson, Tasman & Marlborough regions performing exclusively for private parties, festivals, weddings, corporate and club events. We provide custom wireless headphones and experienced staff for 'silent events' including silent discos, silent cinema, silent conference, silent yoga, silent fitness and we also supply projection mapping, video projection technology for small and large scale events.


DV8 Entertainment was formed in 2020 when creator Dean Reardon returned to NZ due to Covid-19 and was hired to run the entertainment & bookings department for the in-famous Riwaka Hotel. After building close ties with many talented DJ and suppliers, Dean has built an experienced team that can provide quality music, sound, visuals and wireless headphone technology for practically any size event or function.

DJs are the essential ingredient to getting any party started and if you need a DJ that will keep your guests on their feet all night, look no further than DV8 Entertainment as our DJ crew have performed in some of NZ's most exclusive clubs & major music festivals. Our talented group of DJs carry their own unique style of musicology which makes it simple for our team to select the right DJ and music to suit any audience or occasion. Genres ranging from House music, 70s/80s, R&B, Funk&Disco, Drum&Bass, Latin, Top 40 or simply leave it to our experienced DJs to mix it up and play to your crowd. Our DJs come fully equipped with a professional sound & lighting system.

SILENT EVENTS are innovative activities applying wireless headphone technology to unique event concepts and an easy solution to sound interference or noise restrictions. Our wireless headsets have three built in channels and can receive three audio signals simultaneously from any device such as a DJ / mixing console, laptop or phone. Popular events include discos, cinema, conferences and fitness classes.

PROJECTION MAPPING will elevate your event and blow away your guests with jaw dropping visuals. Projection mapping can turn any building, object or room into a spectacular 3D illusion leaving a lasting impression. Whether you want to inspire your audience, demand attention, or encourage interaction, our trusted partners at Aivip.Space are here to provide the solution.

What we bring

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